Quantitative user research

Experimental design, statistical analysis, and programming to understand users and improve their experiences with products.


Sketching, prototyping and user testing, before passing the design onto the development team. Able to communicate insights across departments based on technical and design experience.

Analytics design research

Draw on deep design and collaboration experience to develop analytics solutions with people in mind. guided analytics, self-service interfaces and rapid data discovery to create visual customer-facing analytics experiences

Human-Computer Interaction

Usability and human factors engineering, focusing on ways to operationalize psychology and ergonomics into methods for creating efficient and error-free interactions to support work tasks.

About me

I enjoy tackling complex tasks and transform them into intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-use designs for people around the world — from first-time users to experts.

I combine co-design skills with a passion for user experience. Working cross-functionally to collaborate with managers, designers, and engineering teams.

My research skills allow me to reveal what users need from your products by conducting primary research, exploring behaviors and motivations, and working with teams of designers, product managers, engineers, and other stakeholders.

My skills

Happy to solve those intricate problems through design research. Mixed methods are my core strength inside and outside academia.

Most of these results acknowledge the freedom behind agile philosophies and traditional human centred design including Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban, UCD & Google Sprints.

Making data-informed decisions, communicating with technical/design departments and pushing design roads to the next level.


Latest publications Follow me on ResearchGate

Carlos G. Prieto-Alvarez, et al. (2020). LADECK: A card-based learning analytics co-design tool. International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge LAK'20. Frankfurt, Germany, ACM.

Carlos G. Prieto-Alvarez, et al. (2018). Mapping Learner/Data Journeys: Evolution of a Visual Co-Design Tool. OzCHI'18. Melbourne, Australia, ACM.

Carlos G. Prieto-Alvarez, et al. (2018). Co-designing learning analytics tools with learners. Learning analytics in the classroom: Translating learning analytics research for teachers. Jason M. Lodge, Jared Cooney Horvath and L. Corrin. London, Routledge. 1.

Álvarez, C. (2016). Educational Technology in Mexico: Developing New Tools for Students in Latin American. User Experience Magazine, 16(2). Retrieved from http://uxpamagazine.org/educational-technology-in-mexico/


PhD Learning Analytics (University of Technology Sydney-UTS)

Research in co-design and collaboration.

Master in Interactive Media (Mixtec University of Technology-UTM)

Studies in Human-Computer Interaction for mixed media and accessibility.

Bachelors in software engineering (University of Colima-UCOl)

Application of principles used in the field of engineering, which usually deals with physical systems, to the design, development, testing, deployment and management of software systems.

Work Experience

Human/data research - CIC UTS

UX Designer and Human-centred practitioner for learning analytics products

User experience and usability research - USALAB

Senior UX and software designer for enterprise and research projects. This role Includes User Experience Design, Usability, User Interface Code and Contextual studies.

UX Research and development - ITAM

Lead User Experience research and developer for mobile and desktop.

Design Consultancy

User research, usability test and design evaluation for Booking.com, Hotels.com, 19labs.com, Cleanpost, Worldbank, Sumatel, Mexican Secretary of tourism.

CED - Cloud in Motion

Costumer experience designer in charge of design strategies for cloud computing software.


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